As a CFO, have you spoken with your CIO about your company’s IT Procurement and Cloud Computing Strategy? There are high chances your CIO is developing one, and its effects will be felt companywide. Cloud Computing is very rapidly becoming a powerful means of tool, for company growth with reduce in IT procurement and business […]

Oracle Corporation’s Global Co-CEO Safra Catz said “Information Technology to lead from the front as India is in line to be a powerhouse economy with initiatives from the government like Make in India, Digital India, Start-up India, and Skill India”. Oracle Corporation also introduced Oracle Cloud World which will be launched in Mumbai on April […]

Recently everyone is talking about CSR  (Corporate Social Responsibility) Why? Corporate Social Responsibility – The name itself explains the definition of the phrase. Nowadays organizations are developing an internal environment that encourages and supports ethical behavior at an individual level and are proactively seeking to contribute and have a keen focus in regards to local […]

Cloud-based solutions offer a default configuration or service plan with a range of options that are designed to address business requirements. Cloud approach has significantly reduced the deployment time while still addressing the critical needs of the organization.

As per the survey of leading consultants, around 45% of business critical data resides on laptops and desktops which does not get backed up like data residing on servers. Today Businesses cannot take the risk of losing the data by storing their important data and files only on their computer/laptop.